Give Me More... Fashion Inclusivity!

Give Me More... Fashion Inclusivity!

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It’s no revelation that for ages the common perception of what qualifies as beautiful is a tall, white, skinny woman with long hair. Not so long ago when I was a model, this was the case. Nary did one see a plus sized woman at a show, except seated in the isles. Though beauties as undeniable as Naomi Campbell were as plentiful as the ethnic customers buying the high-priced couture she wore, diversity was painfully lacking.

Let’s not forget that nearly every designer that now spouts their devotion to the popular trend of diversity and inclusion in fashion was, not long ago, guilty of exclusion- racial and body bias.

Happily, in recent years, we’ve seen the fashion industry (if only by popular demand) move toward being more inclusive, if not make an about face. This year NYFW saw more plus models, more tattoos, more smiles with large gaps between the teeth, more birthmarks, more skin colors, more imperfections – more diversity than ever before .

Socially, if not stylistically, fashion is always behind the trend. Slow to adapt...

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