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Jewelry Designer ReRe Rocks!

Post from Manhattan Minds~ an inspired blog on New York City Art, Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle by the Founder, Mona Maine de Biran... It doesn’t happen often but, I have to admit, I have a bit of a girl-crush for designer ReRe Corcoran. Is it her cool style, jeans and leather, her golden locks? Or her knack for inspirational literary quotes which stirs both my inner rebel and poet? “The eyes see all but the mind shows us what we want to see” ~ William Shakespeare Literary hound that you all know I am, the latter is the reason but what can I say… wait, rewind, let me rephrase that. What I would like to say, gleefully from the top of the nearest hill, is, “I like what I see, ReRe!” I am jonesing for this dynamic, colorful jewelry collection— ReRe Jewelry.  What I love most about ReRe’s designs is that they are more than just pretty, though that is something they also are in abundance. ReRe’s designs are truly inspired. More than just baubles, her designs are poetry in gold.