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KIERIN is an American Eco-Luxury brand founded in New York in 2018. Each KIERIN eau de perfume is an abstract work of olfactive art and scent story telling to evoke emotions that elevate your consciousness and vibe.

KIERIN cares about people and planet.

At KIERIN, we create premium quality, cruelty-free, toxin-free, vegan products using sustainably sourced ingredients. Our fragrance house is committed to forwarding the values we care about as individuals and work only with suppliers who share our sustainability philosophy like Robertet, our essential oil supplier and a world leader in natural raw materials.


Mona Maine de Biran is the female founder and owner of KIERIN and the visionary behind the brand, its missions and ethos. A proud American business woman and mother of two children, Mona aspires to inspire, not define or confine, people with KIERIN products. With a focus on artistry, olfactory communication with scent story telling, ethical ingredients, quality and value, Mona takes a heart-centered approach to perfumery, people and planet.


KIERIN is a fragrance house committed to forwarding the values we care about as individuals. Our products are clean, conscious, cruelty-free, toxin-free, sustainably sourced and recyclable.

We use ingredients formulated without Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde and more. Our distinctive products are delivered in the most sustainable and socially responsible way we can for our customers and communities. We believe in the integrity of our products are only work with suppliers who share our sustainability philosophy like Robertet, our essential oil supplier and a world leader in sustainable natural raw materials. 

At KIERIN, art is our muse. Graffiti Art's form of visual communication inspires our PIERNY and ScentXOne bottle art. Pop Art's ironic comment on traditional fine art values inspires our OG four scents; Nitro Nior, Sunday Brunch, 10 A.M. Flirt, and Santal Sky. Tattoo Art's form of creating living artwork on skin inspires our Rose Ink and Santal Park bottle art.

Pop Art As Muse

Tattoo Art As Muse

Graffiti Art As Muse

Inspired by the vibes of New York City piers, where the ocean meets the streets, this urban fragrance story is as refreshing as it is soothing. A salty aquatic scent with a complex blend of notes evoking feelings of hope, comfort, and elation. Made for inspiring moments of peace, liberation, and reunion.