Love KIERIN NYC & want to share it with your fans and followers? Let’s partner!

1. How long does the affiliate program last for? There is no expiration or deadline.
2. How often do you promote / work? Your choice, no requirement, you work on your OWN schedule.

3. What are some places of marketing? Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, etc.

4. What content do I use for online marketing / social media? You may create your own content (such as a review / vlog of our product) and / or you may use our content that is available.

5. How do I make money? You earn money (a percentage) on ANY product sales you generate for our company.

6. How much can I earn? Unlimited earnings, sky's the limit.

7. When do I get my unique affiliate code? You get it when we've officially signed you up via a contract.

8. Do I get free product to review? Sorry to say, but no. But, you get special discounts. Like any business, you must COMMIT some sort of investment into it, to make it SUCCESSFUL. 

9. How do I get paid?
You get paid via PayPal or another form of payment we agree upon.

10. How do I sign up / apply / or to get more information? Email us at