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You can now experience this incredible fragrance in our 2023 CLEAR COLLECTION, square 50ml/ 1.7 fl.oz. bottles. (Sorry, the pre-launch VIP LIMITED EDITION 100ml/3.4 oz. bottle designed in celebration of ScentXplore* by artist Markus Wilhelm is sold out.)

SCENTXONE is a signature scent worthy premium niche perfume revealing accords of strength blended artfully with smokey, smooth, sweet essences in perfect proportions. A delicious infusion of cognac combined with wild honey, davana, myrrh and hints of licorice bring vibrancy to the fragrance and a touch of a fruity note. ScentXone aims to elevate your spirit with its sweet, resinous vibes and to combine a feeling of empowerment rooted in its long-lasting notes of oakwood and nutmeg. 

Vibe: Sophisticated - Strong - Sultry

Olfactive Harmony: Chypre - Fougere

Notes / Key Ingredients:  Cognac - Wild Honey - Davana - Myrrh - Oakwood - Nutmeg - Pachouli - Vetiver - Orris - Dried Apple 

Introduced pre-launch with a limited edition format designed by NYC artist, Markus Wilhelm, for ScentXplore VIPs, we're proud to introduce SCENTXONE with THE 2023 CLEAR COLLECTION. We're pulling back our opaque bottle curtain this 2023 to reveal the naked beauty of our clean and consciosu fine parfums. No dyes, colorants or toxins. Just sustainably sourced, high-quality vegan ingredients artfully crafted by award winning perfumers into bold and exceptionally good scents. 

*KIERIN is honored to be the creator of the first ever perfume crafted to express the unique scent story of ScentXplore, the leading virtual and in-person event in the Americas connecting industry experts and fragrance enthusiasts with an interest in innovative, exclusive, high-quality driven niche fragrance brands.

This product is cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, recyclable and free of toxins, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary dyes and stabilizers. Made with natural sugar cane alcohol.
Kierin offers premium quality, artfully crafted scents at an accessible price with a minimum 20% fragrance oil concentration. Comes as a natural, perfume spray.
Kierin is an American niche perfumery proud to craft, pour and package our products in the USA.

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