New Niche House Review, "KIERIN NYC is stepping it up on the Niche Game!"

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10 AM FLIRT & Top Niche Fragrances for Spring by Brooklyn Fragrance Lover

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10 AM FLIRT & Cubaknow, "This is Good, bro!"

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Kala Lashae Loves NITRO NOIR, "Wow, I'm feeling it. I like scents like this!"

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Stella Rae Loves NITRO NOIR, "Smells so good!"

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Pretti Kelly Loves SUNDAY BRUNCH, "This Scent Lasts!"

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Fragrancy Loves SUNDAY BRUNCH, "Really gives me a happy, relaxed feeling!"

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Best fragrance SUNDAY BRUNCH & ImagineScent

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Brittney Lewis, "Who doesn't love SUNDAY BRUNCH !!!"

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