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Welcome to our MyKIERIN loyalty program

Love KIERIN NYC & want to share it with your fans and followers? Let's partner!

MyKIERIN sellers are people just like you. People who love our perfumes! Whether you're a customer who just wants to share things you enjoy with family and friends, an advocate for companies you respect, a personal shopper, an independent consultant or a content creator by trade, we invite you to join our MyKIERIN Team!  Because, after all, isn't giving you CASH, a commission on sales, better than points towards purchases? We think so!

      JOIN MyKIERIN Just SIGN UP HERE to get started!
      SHARE & EARN Create and share shoppable content and earn with every sale. 
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do you look for in a MyKIERIN Seller? We recommend that you try our fragrances before applying to be a seller. We are looking for sellers who genuinely and independently enjoy our products. 
  • How often do you promote / work? Your choice, no requirement, you work on your OWN schedule.
  • What are some places of marketing? A variety of social media platforms. Our favorites are YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram and blogs. 
  • What content do I use for online marketing / social media? You may create your own content (such as a review / vlog of our product) and / or you may use content that we make available, this can be selected in the app and posted to socials from there.
  • How do I make money? You earn money (a percentage) on KIERIN NYC product sales generated through sales coming through your OWN discount code which will be provided to you once you join MyKierin.
  • How hard is it to get started with MyKIERIN? It takes only 5 minutes and phone or computer to SIGN UP HERE with your email. 
  • How much can I earn? Unlimited earnings, sky's the limit. 
  • Do I get free product to review? Sorry to say, but no. Like any business, you must commit some sort of investment into it to make it successful. 
  • How do I get paid? Once you've signed up, complete your profile and include where your commissions will be paid. It's all automatic!
  • Want to learn more? Just email us at contact@kierin-nyc.com